What we can offer you

Paths and Progress provide a full range of consulting and delivery services around the human resources and organisational development agenda.

Here’s a taste of what we can do for you:

  • We’ve got a wealth of knowledge in building award-winning apprenticeship programmes. It’s not just about making the programme a success; we look into the job design of individual roles through to embedding these programmes into your business as part of its overall model. Beyond this, we can help you map career pathways for your apprentices, ensuring a high return on your investment and delivery of tangible business results.
  • Assisting businesses with talent identification and management, and succession planning means we help you cherry-pick the best personnel. ‘Key Person Dependency’ can be overlooked but we identify whether this is a risk to your firm, and help to reduce its impact.
  • Fundamental to employee effectiveness, performance management is crucial to ensure your staff function as one. We’ll concentrate on building behavioural frameworks and introducing management routines that work.
  • Our services have no limits so if you need expertise in international HR and managing organisational development across a global business, you’ve come to the right place.

How we work

With all our clients, whether you’re new and interested to see what we do, or are an existing client keen to work with us on a new project, we carry out an initial fact-finding and scoping session. This session determines your requirements and helps us to pull a proposal together.

  • Consultation:
    • Following the initial scoping session, it may be that further consultation is required depending on the size of the organisation, the availability of key employees and information, and the complexity of the requirement.
  • Projects and delivery:
    • As part of the scoping and/or consultation sessions, a number of key deliverables will be agreed and worked on for completion by specified deadlines.